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Chrismas Service at Pik Uk Prison


D.O.G.-Power will go and visit teenagers in Pik Uk Prison in this coming Christmas (December 22). We are going to deliver dance performances, worship, share testimony and bring God’s love and care to them. Please pray for us!

今年聖誕節(12月22日),D.O.G.-Power 將前往壁屋監獄探訪青少年。我們將有舞蹈表演,敬拜和福音見證,並希望將上帝的愛與關懷帶給他們。請為我們禱告!

December 22, 2019

2019-2020 Retreat Camp

2019-2020 退修營

We are going to have annual retreat camp from Feb 8 to Feb 9 in 2020. May our teammates be still in the camp, deepen the faith and enhance authentic relationship with GOD, becoming more like Him to continue the journey with passion. Amen!


February 8, 2020

2020 Service in Haven of Hope Sunnyside School

2020 靈實恩光學校出隊

D.O.G.-Power will go to Haven of Hop Sunnyside School and serve in the Sunday school. We shall have dance performance, worship, and activities with students and parents, sharing love and message to them. Please pray for us!

明年2月23日,D.O.G.-Power 將前往靈實恩光學校參與「無障礙敬拜」,在主日學中的環節作服侍,以舞蹈把信息和關愛分享給同學和家長們。請為我們禱告!

February 23, 2020

[[en]] Mission
[[zh]] 使命宣言

[[en]] With God’s commands as core values, D.O.G.-Power (Dancers of God) aims to spread the love and hope from God’s kingdom to people through dances and encourage them to uphold their missions to serve the community wisely and deepen their walk with God.
[[zh]] D.O.G.-Power (Dancers of God) 願以三一神為中心,透過舞蹈帶出神給人的愛和盼望 ,勉勵人承擔使命、有智慧地回應社會、並實踐緊密與主連結的生活。

[[en]] Major services
[[zh]] 主要事工

[[en]] Dance Worship
[[zh]] 推動舞蹈敬拜

[[en]]Our body is God’s creation. We believe one can experience God’s presence and worship Him through dance and movements. We actively promote Dance Worships where we hold various Dance Worship workshops and Dance to the King Gatherings to lead people to worship God according to their needs and experiences, from simple movements to choreography. 
[[zh]]基於身體是神所創造的,我們相信人能透過肢體動作經歷神的臨在及敬拜祂。我們致力推動舞蹈敬拜,舉辦舞蹈敬拜工作坊及舞蹈敬拜聚會Dance To The King。按照不同對象的特質和需要,我們會由運用簡單的肢體動作到編舞,帶領人用舞蹈及肢體敬拜神。

[[en]] Dance Mission
[[zh]] 舞蹈宣教

[[en]]We visit different organizations, including schools and churches, upon invitation to do evangelical services through dance worships, gospel dances and testimonial sharing by our team members. We also teach dance classes, organize dance sharing, and deliver performances during overseas ministry to reach the locals.

[[en]] Social Service
[[zh]] 服務社群

[[en]]We organize visits, evangelical services and performances to reach different minorities. Our current focus is on detainees and convicts, and people with special needs and their parents.

[[en]]Donation support

[[en]]D.O.G-Power Limited is a Non-Profitable Charity Organization. We are fully funded by individual or group donations. If you would like to donate and support our ministry, please contact us.
[[zh]]D.O.G-Power 是一個非牟利慈善機構,主要靠個人或團體奉獻推展事工。如想以奉獻支持我們,歡迎聯絡我們!

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